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Here at Glan Gors we like to create a sense of community and our events help our owners socialise with each other and make friends! All our owners and guests are welcome to attend our regular events all year round!

So why not test your knowledge at one of our very popular quiz nights and see if you can beat your neighbors! Enjoy our BBQ’s surrounded by beautiful views and relish the relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

If you have any ideas for some fun events we could hold don’t hesitate to let us know! We want your experience at Glan Gors to be as enjoyable as possible.

Time & Location
12th August - SundaySports Day2pm - Glan Gors
TBAQuiz Night7pm - Glan Gors
25th August - SaturdayBarbecue5pm - Glan Gors
10th November SaturdayOwners Party (tickets available from Christine)7:0pm - Venue:
Breeze Hill, Benllech