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Firstly we would like to say welcome back and we hope you have an enjoyable season with us. 

Your caravan has been empty for a couple of months so it may be worth doing some checks once you get here.

If you requested a drain down at the end of season then please ensure that you email or phone us on 01248 852417 a few days before your arrival to ensure that your re-connection is done.

Once a re-connection has been done we do switch off the water and gas on your box for safety reasons so when you arrive at your caravan please ensure that you switch these back on.


It may be worth giving the exterior a clean and emptying out any guttering. Cleaning the windows can brighten up the interior and also enable you to check the seals of the windows for any splits or cracks.


Inside we recommend checking your water, gas and electric are all working. Run the water taps for a couple of minutes to clear any standing that may be in the pipes. It may also be worth you bringing some spare light bulbs and some

batteries for your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Giving the inside a clean will also allow you to check the caravan over for any signs of damage. 

If you do come across any problems that you need help with then please contact reception and we will try and help you with these.